After 5 years of searching, I think we are getting answers. Not the ones we want, but answers just the same.

We have learned that this disorder stopped my pelvic region from working. I have bone spurs and spondylosis bilaterally on my hip sockets and SI joints. My orthopodist is looking at fixing the L5-S1 joint and possibly several other vertebrae. We are getting all those records to her. The MRI of my pelvis was judged good enough to do something about it, but the x-rays of my spine tell another story. She saw something in the shadow of the spine that energized her. The ortho was not happy and didn’t even want to talk about the pelvis, other than saying that it could be fixed, but we have bigger issues.

I wish I would have carried all my records, We would have lept through the process and had answers now!

I learned some new words: neurogenic bladder, Foley Catheter, In/Out Catheter, SupraPubic Tube (catheter). I’ve had three types of catheters. Surgery for the SPT was the middle of last week. I think I healed up last night. The body got a shot of adrenalin and decided to stay up all night. Even tired, I feel better than I have since before surgery.  Almost 18 pounds of fluid has left my body since we discovered my pelvis doesn’t work. I’m still trying to work with #2.

Next up – pulmonary and spinal tests results interpretation. I will not be shocked at anything they tell me.

Oh yeah, this isn’t pity-party typing. This goes way beyond that. If I were at the self-pity stage after 5 years, I likely wouldn’t be here anymore. Do I want this shit to end? More than you know. Do I want to make it end by doing something stupid? No on any day of the week. Am I just completely exhausted with the fight? Yes, my wife, family and I have had enough of it.

But, we fight. Why? Because we have to. There is no sliding to getting by. We’re either all in, or we fail.

You guys take care, and Thanks for Reading,

Jay C. “Jazzy J” Theriot